Brixia Forum unveils to the city by opening the doors of the Exhibition Center in Via Caprera, a renewed pole in the spirit and spaces thanks to the hard work of Pro Brixia (Special Agency of the Chamber of Commerce of Brescia). Thus, the presentation of the Main Sponsor Azimut Capital Management SGR SpA and 23 Partners supporting the “Company” made the President of the Chamber of Commerce of Brescia, Giuseppe Ambrosi and the President of Pro Brixia, Giovanna Prandini, satisfied with the started programs.
“With the Brixia Forum project – commented Ambrosi – we intended to give life to a powerful infrastructure that, proposed to the public, renewed and more appropriate to meet current needs, will be able to provide important opportunities for companies and the whole territory of Brescia. Not surprisingly, that important production companies in Brescia, as well as the Main Sponsor Azimut, believe in the project and have joined us as Partner Sponsors, giving to Brixia Forum a national and international image”. Considering its multifunctional features, Brixia Forum responds not only to exhibitions and congressional location needs of spaces, with modularity in capability, but it is also able to promote and host cultural and musical entertainment events by putting in place the experience gained by the Special Agency Pro Brixia in the promotion of internationalization.
Fundamental to the success of the Exhibition Center is the contribution and support of private sponsors who have believed “concretely” in the project by embracing the philosophy of Brixia Forum.
“Sometimes those who have the same feeling find themselves – confessed Giovanna Prandini – We have 24 Companies and Associations who have believed in the program set up with ambition».
A future that, however, will inevitably take into account the past. “Let’s start from recovering the networks of protagonists of the Brescian economy”- said the President of Pro Brixia – It is our duty trying to do all we can to recover these events. Of course, time has passed and the context is different as well as different companies needs. We cannot repeat a model that no longer works. We need to rethink solutions and spaces that are current and sustainable on the commercial level, reasoning with Azimut and our Partners will keep us with our feet on the ground.”