After the success of the 2010 and 2013 editions, with over 130 Qualified Exhibitors and the participation of thousands of Professional Operators, Memory Expo – Show of funerary articles – will return to the Brixia Forum Pavilions.

The agreement signed between Leonardo Pericciuoli, Project Manager and Editor of “Memory Expo” and Giovanna Prandini, President of Pro Brixia (Special Agency of the Chamber of Commerce of Brescia), has in fact started the work of organizing the exhibition, inserted in the European funeral sector calendar. In this sense, the organizer are working to offer an even bigger show of “Made in Italy” quality in the upcoming edition scheduled for March 2019.

Memoria Expo is the event of the Italian producers of the funerary sector and has in its main characteristics the valorization of all the excellences Made in Italy. Italian production draws deeply into its artistic heritage and is distinguished by its excellent creativity, in style and material, supported by the great passion of Italian companies.

It will be a BtoB event with entrance reserved exclusively to the Funebber Operators. The latest edition, which was held in 2013, had exceeded three thousand entries in four business days devoted to funerals and all the induction that revolved around the funerary sector.