The exhibition. Brescia. The art of concrete. Brescian painters and sculptors between tradition and new worries opened in the foyer on the second floor the Brixia Forum, will continue until 28 January 2018, marks the beginning of the collaboration between Aab and the Exhibition Center managed by Pro Brixia. The exhibition is curated by the critic Fausto Lorenzi, while the Ri + studio, in close collaboration, has taken care of the graphic concept, the design and the realization of the exhibition. On show the paintings and sculptures of 23 artists from Brescia selected according to a declared criterion: “In a context dominated by virtual art – wrote the curator Fausto Lorenzi in the project – the exhibition intends to offer a selection of quality works, of remarkable  visual and emotional effect, created by artists who are active in the context of Brescia, which open a reflection on the relationship between defense of the profession and the traditional techniques of making art and the ability to create images that – in their truth and formal concreteness – retain the full capacity to communicate with the world of today and its restlessness, of excitement and of amazement “.

In the introduction to the catalog the President of Pro Brixia, Giovanna Prandini, and the President of Aab, Massimo Tedeschi, write: “The initiative reflects and enhances some common features of these two realities: networking and putting a common factor in ideas and competences for the benefit of Brescia, creating opportunities to showcase how beautiful and important what is created in Brescia “.

The exhibition will be open until January 28th, from Monday to Friday from 10am to 4 pm (normal opening hours of the Brixia Forum), Saturday and Sunday from 3.30pm to 7.00pm