Collateral Services

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Project Description

  • Consultancy and organizational support for the realization of the event
  • Software consulting and assistance
  • Goods handling
  • Cleaning before and during the event
  • Porterage service
  • Technical supervision (exhibitors documentary verification excluded)
  • Verification of the documentation requested from exhibitors
  • AssistanceĀ  of Technical Secretariat during the Event (Sate)
  • Internet and Wi-Fi services for exhibitors
  • Preparation of security plan -SIAE
  • Fire Department Presidium
  • First aid service with ambulance
  • Access control
  • Vigilance/security service during the event
  • Hostess service
  • Floral arrangements during the event
  • Translation and interpreting service
  • Catering service
  • Photographic service and video / sound equipment rental
  • Organization of Incoming buyers
  • Shuttle service and parking management

Technical assistance for plant management

  • Assistance to water, electric, heating / cooling systems